research and design
in architecture

research and design
in architecture

ssp / about

Studio Sven Pfeiffer (SSP) is a Berlin-based studio, working in architecture, research and education.
We develop architectural solutions focusing on the combination of information- and material-based design strategies across various scales from urban masterplans to 3d-printed building elements.
In addition to our own speculative and built work, we bring in our knowledge about architecture’s particular procedures into research projects, pushing the boundaries of contemporary practice towards more sustainable and integrated design solutions.
We work within an extended network of academic and industry partners, combining computational tools with traditional approaches for design and fabrication to solve complex issues of program, tectonics and material organization.
We educate, publish, organize exhibitions and workshops to share our findings with the future generation of architects, other researchers and the general public.

ssp / contact

Studio Sven Pfeiffer
Karl-Liebknecht Straße 9
10178 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 20 67 46 76

Digital Design, Planning and Building
Department of Architecture
Bochum University of Applied Sciences

Am Hochschulcampus 1, D-44801 Bochum
Raum H2-07