Snap On

Can we combine contemporary manufacturing processes and traditional wood connections? In University der Künste’s designtransfer gallery, students of the Chair for Digital and Experimental Design developed the atmospheric installation “Snap On – Rapid and Light Wood Construction” made of CNC-manufactured wooden elements, which intended to stimulate thought about a connection between traditional and digital practices. Also on show were projects by Takuya Koyama, Kohei Kimura and Mizuki Tanaka, Studio Milz, Dominik Bartkowski and Natalia Stepanova

Guests: Mitsumasa Fujitsuka, Fotograf, Tōkyō, Kay Fingerle, Ludwig Heimbach

Participants: Itirit Hatairatana, Yao Huan, Jakob Klein, Matthias Pabst, Lorenz Sedelmayr, Franz Siebler, Daria Skorokhod

Cooperation with Christian Schmidts, the Designtransfer Gallery and the Japanese-German Center Berlin