The Nature of Nature

In living nature, forms and structures can be observed that we often perceive as aesthetically pleasing, at the same time they form the basis for the existence of the respective form of life. They are the result of a seemingly endless series of trial-and-error experiments. Extensive prototyping and the relentless discarding of unsuccessful experiments have resulted in a large variety of related species of animals and plants.

In the workshop at UdK’s Gut Sauen, the principles of natural systems found in the nearby forests were examined and converted into algorithmic processes, which were then further developed into diagrammatic representations using simple software and hardware protocols like HPGL and pen plotters.

Cooperation with Prof. Norbert Palz, Christian Schmidts

Participants: Irem Cam, Felix Deiters, Alissia Hoffmann, Julian Koller, Yao Huan, Carl Obst, Elif Okuyucu, Maximilian Peukert, Vanessa Stark, Lara Stöhlmacher