Mendelsohn Transfer

Erich Mendelsohn is one of the most important figures of early 20th century architecture in Germany, combining expressionist and organic form with current technical developments into stunning buildings. In a one-year process, students at the Berlin University of the Arts  developed conceptual design approaches which related to his use of different media. In an exhibition commissioned by the Berlin Chamber of Architects, texts, images and artefacts were presented that address the recurring antagonisms in Erich Mendelsohn’s theoretical and practical work: light and shadow, construction and shell, material and dynamics, form and perception, outside and inside, day and night.

Cooperation with Prof. Dr. Matthias Noell (UdK, architectural history and theory), Prof. Ulrich Schwarz (UdK, visual communication) and the Berlin Chamber of Architects

Participants: Eva Böhm, Paco König, Laura Neumann, Jonathan Schönberger, Mario Wurm, Elisa Zielinski, Christina Churyg, Tessa Meyer, Soetje Marie Beermann, Hilka Dierks, Hannah Diermann, Alexander Hey, Shlomi Itzhak, Wanda Konietzny, Léa Michaud, Johannes Ritz, JonathanSchönberger, Yuqi Wang