Mirage Village

As it is the case in many cities across the globe, the urban fabric of Kyoto is characterized by a multitude of implicit and explicit regulations, leading to rituals of use and vice versa. In the exhibition “Mirage Village” at the Kyoto Art Center, ssp among other international practices created useable installations from wood, addressing these regulations and proposing alternative readings of urban space. Our proposal, „Risky Playground”, intended to engage the public with the transgressive actions of play that Japanese public space generally excludes. The pavilion, made out of perforated plywood panels allowed for different spaces for several uses by rotating the whole structure in 90-degree angles.

Cooperation with Dot architects, Hiroshi Kato, Benjamin Lafore and Sébastien Martinez Barat, Yo Shimada, and Ludwig Heimbach.

All images courtesy of Omote Nobutada