Printed Tower

How can we as architectural designers interact with machines and materials? In the installation “Printed Tower” in the Futurium in Berlin, we investigated the use of robots and ceramic materials and new methods for the interaction between man and machine. In an additive manufacturing process, individual sculptural elements were created from porcelain and earthenware materials which translate numeric data into material form. Programmed coincidences, repairs and defects were explicitly part of the developmental process.

Collaboration with Caroline Høgsbro 

Team: Asli Agirbas, Christian Schmidts, Levi Schmitt (UdK); Daniela Krause, Annahita Meshkini, Esra Oruc, Ava Sadeghipour, Rolf Starke, Luisa Buchholz, Lara Wischnewski, Iman Zangooeinia (TU Braunschweig)

Images: Futurium