Into the fold

Folds link body space with architectural space. In this workshop, we explored techniques of folding as practiced in textile design and architecture and experimented with their mechanics of activation. We oscillated between body and space, material and interaction, the light and the dark, tension and release, inside and outside. We explored the medium of folds and the act of folding. We experienced repetition, duplication, multiplicity, and division. We investigated how folds can act as interfaces, as “coordinators between phenomena” (Paul Dourish, 2001), between people, architectural spaces, scales, and states. In the context of the annual “collision” workshop series at the UdK Berlin, participants worked in interdisciplinary pairs or small groups, exploring together aspects of wearability, embodiment, spatial arrangement, scale, and motion.

Cooperation with Prof. Berit Greinke (UdK Berlin)