Concrete Printing

Due to its strength and flexible use, concrete is the dominant building material of our current globalized era. But what if the very ingredients of concrete, like sand are disappearing and the CO2 footprint of cement production is no longer acceptable? What if data production and analysis itself will have a stronger impact on building practice?
The aim of the EU-funded joint project „BauProAddi“ was the development of an innovative building approach, which uses less material for building with a high-quality additive manufacturing process. Our part of the research investigated the generative design of additively fabricated wall elements and the data produced from a BIM model to verify the feasibility of the additive manufacturing on a 1: 1 scale.

M-ERA.NET 2 Research Project led by the Department for Building Materials, TU Berlin, Prof. Dietmar Stephan
Funded by the federal ministry of education and research (BMBF).
Collaborating industry partners: Ed. Züblin, DOKA, SIKA, KADIA, OPTERRA, Dassault Systemes